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AtiyeArg-e Atbin co with Gilda brand is one of the biggest date producer and exporter companies in Iran

It has experience of exporting date to Malaysia, Turkey and Russia. In order to receive list of date for export or our consulting services, please contact us. Gilda as a date company and regarding to its several years experience of exporting can be a guide to export date to your country.

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About Gilda Dates

Being known as one of the biggest and renowned producers and distributors of assorted types of Rotab, dates and their by-products such as distribution of MOZAFATI ROTAB, Gilda Company has adopted the policy of producing and distributing high quality dates worldwide. This has enabled the company to win the trust of the end users as well as those of health and quality control organizations to such an extent that the products of this company are marketed not only in Iran but also in neighboring countries such as Iraqi Kurdistan, the United Arab Emirates, Russia, and Pakistan.

Encouraging innovations and maintaining high quality coupled with close liaison with international consultants in this field has contributed in company's easily obtaining health and food safety certifications such as HACCP and ISO 9001-2000

Gilda Dates Company is a manufacturer of types of dates as Mazafati Bam and you can contact us to buy a variety of Mazafati Dates.

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Stay in touch with the WhatsApp number to get the price list and purchase a variety of Iranian dates fruit

what's up number: 00989132896373

Address: GILDA store, on the corner of AMMAR alley, mazaheri junction,atashgah St., Esfahan, Iran

 Address: opposite the emergency, adjacent to Persian Gulf confectionery, Imam Boulevard, bam, kerman, Iran

phone: 00989132896373